Monday, 25 May 2015

D' Empire Art of Cuisine, Subang Jaya

Aloha!!! Am back again with foodies.. This is Pork-Free and Halal restaurant mainly serving  on Italian-French cuisine. Let's start our food marathon at:

Location: Main Place Mall, Jalan USJ21/10, USJ21 Subang Jaya
Selangor 47630 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hour: 10.00am - 10.00pm (Weekday, Weekend and Public Holiday)


D' Empire Art of Cuisine

The authentic restaurant served you with a comfortable environment with soft classic music. Suitable for all range of occasion. 

There is also a special private dining room furnished with cosy design. This dining room can accommodate up to 8 people with a long table which suitable for group gathering. Of coarse, it does come with extra charges in this room.

The Chief Chef of D' Empire Art of Cuisine.

Art of Cuisine

Apple and Avocado Salad (Classic Salad)
MYR 25

Garden green salad, Apple, Avocado, Walnuts, Alfafa and crumbed Gorgonzala Cheese accomplished with Homemade Italian dressing. The combination of fresh ingredients and some herbs bring the special taste to the bud.

Margherita (Classic pizza)
MYR 19

Chef recommended us to have a try with the original pizza before we go for the topping. It is a crispy crust pizza served with Morazella cheese and Tomato paste and accomplished with basil and oregano.

Chicken Whole Leg
MYR 28

Grilled chicken whole leg cooked to perfection with olive, capers, onion, herbs and cream served with potatoes of the day and grilled seasonal vegetables. The chcken is baked in 350oc in oven until the natural fats of the chicken purged out.

Salmon Trout With Rocket Salad (Seafood)
MYR 38

Grilled Norwagian Salmon served with potatoes of the day, seasonal salad, tomatoes, rocket and spicy coulis sauce.

Stuff Escargots Bourguignon (1/2 dozen)
MYR 25

My favourite dish of all. It really taste so awesome especially when the butter-mash potatoes squeezed out together with the snails!!!
This cuisine served the best French snails with unsalted butter and parsley. Imagine the snails were baked together with unsalted butter with mash potatoes that strengthen the aroma of the dish. 

Alio Mussels and Prawns (Spaghetti)
MYR 28 
(This price comes under Executive set dinner promotion with complimentary Minestrone soup and Mocktail)

The perfection of dish with green Mussels and fresh sea prawn served with olive and herbs.

Mushroom Risottos (Arborio rice)
MYR 28

This is my first ever Risottos. It served with onion, garlic, English Parsley, Parmesan cheese, button and oyster mushroom and a touch of cream. Arborio rice is a glucose-free rice which also suitable for those who have Diabetes. Basically the rice are only 90% cooked, so you still able to fill there a lil bit hard in the between the rice. So don't be strange if you have the thought of uncooked rice.  

Dessert of the day

Blueberry Cheese cake (Dessert of the day)
 For cheese lovers, guess you will fall in love with it. 

Choclate Garnesh (Dessert of the day)
No sugar, egg and flour dessert served with the healthier chocolate with Chef's secret recipe. Somehow, you may find it sweet as it was from the chocolate.

Forever Famous Moctails and Cocktails

From Left: Shirley Temple, Virgin Colada, Blue Lagon, Tropical breeze

Mockatails - MYR12
Cocktails - MYR 25 - MYR 30

Blue Lagon (Cocktails)
MYR 30

Vodca, gin, triple sec, blue curacao, pineapple juice and topped with 7-up

Shirley Temple (Mocktails)
MYR 12

Lemonade with grenadine

Tropical Breeze (Mocktails)
MYR 12

Pineapple and lemonade


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